Glass tube cleaning

In case the glass pipe has darkened because of exploitation gas of poor quality, you can clean it mechanically or replace gas with the better one that will lead to a burning out of soot from glass pipes walls. The information about mechanical cleaning of a glass pipe you can look in the user instructions.

Protection from contamination

We recommend using the case to protect the glass tube from damage and fallout from the dirt in the burner in the spring and autumn periods.


User manual
PDF, 3,1 Mb.

Advices for using gas

1. Operating gas pressure in the barrel at a petrol station must be at least 4.5 MPa (atm). Tankers called this gas "light" or "Propane".

2. Safety gas cartridge can be refilled not more than 85%. That is in the tank at 12 L can not be refilled more than 11 liters, and a bottle of 27 liters - less than 25 liters.

3. Store filled bottles is recommended at least +5 ° C and not more than +20 ° C.

Repair and maintenance

Guarantee and maintenance service of heaters Falo can be made only at the authorized distributors.

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Gas Filling

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