The real flame

The real flame more than one meter in height placed in a pipe which made of tempered glass. This glass is capable to maintain sudden temperature fluctuations from -70∞— to 250∞—. The material can keep it's integrity and it's physical characteristics at low temperature increases to 1800C .

The pipe is enclosed metal grille protects it from mechanical damage and people from burns.

Energy efficiency

Falo emits in 5 time more infracted radiation than usual Ђmushroomї. At usual heaters a unique source of heat is the top cover.

At Falo the same sours are also a cover and a one-and-a-half meter pipe, thanks to it heat along all length of the pipe. In this case, Falo consumes 10% less gas.

Capacity of heater Falo Ц 12 kw.

The area of heating Ц 30 m2


It's easy to move Falo thanks to neat wheels. They are mounted on the body, so in vertical position Falo strongly stands on the support.

Remote control*

Falo Ц unique mobile gas heater, equipped with remote control. You are able to switch on, switch off and regulate the size of a flame, without rising from a seat.


Falo is equipped with a safety device, that extinguishes the flame in case of surface with slope greater than 45°—. This feature will save you and your family from undesirable consequences in case of heater falling.


All details of the heater can be painted both in one and several colors. Thus, you are able to create your own unique style of your heater Falo.

*Options are not included in standard delivery.