Beware of fakes

Disadvantages of Falo imitations

It's unknown where they were made and by whom collected. Differ with poor quality materials and components. Imitations don't pass any tests or certification. They don't have guarantees and packages of documents as well as service and spare parts.

јдреса авторизированных пунктов продаж

These heaters Falo sold only at authorized dealers Italkero, a list which can be viewed below..

Addresses of authorized sales points ї

Falo imitators

Distinguishing features

Falo is a triangle at the bottom of the flask was quenched silica glass, piezo element, a built-in knob size of the flame (a variation of the hand-operated), is made of quality materials that are not prone to corrosion (aluminum alloys with aluminum, stainless steel) and cut at covers the inscription Falo.

Quality guarantee

Falo is designed, manufactured and assembled in Italy on it's own manufacture of company Italkero. To Russia and Ukraine it is delivered fully assembled in box height of 2,12 m. or 2,36 m., depending on the size of the heater

Using non-certified, not the quality of the gas equipment can lead to undesirable consequences.